Why the Media Sucks When it Comes to Israel


Mottle is joined by Yarden Frankl from Honest Reporting.com and Brian of London from the blog Israellycool.com They provide insight and anaylsis about the current Palestinian terror wave sweeping Israel and the medias response to it.

Newscasters sitting doing the news with paper bags over their heads.




  1. Mrs. Jan Reed says:

    I am only on email but do not want to miss your report – no iTunes.

  2. Regarding John Kerry and others who have been botching the talks with the Arab Countries and why the Radical Muslims are so intent on killing Jewish people and why they are doing it: here is an FYI. the brightest and best are NOT currently running the government in the USA. Hopefully this will be corrected by the 2016 election. Pray for the USA that no more Liberals ever get elected to any office. What you have said makes sense.

  3. Love your show so much thanks but we cannot say its been a quiet day until the day
    is over unfortunately as we saw last nite I want to pass on a message to Kerry
    We tried to make peace with the palestinians thru our history all our prime ministers
    to no avail We gave them Gush Katif The palestians don;t want to live side by side
    They want the Country of Palestine chas v’shalom You can’t bring 2 people together
    in a marriage if they both hate each other 2 people imaging all those arabs

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