Trump Wins Bigly


Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican candidate for President.  Also are there any members of Britain’s Labor Party that are not anti-Semites? Brian of London joins Mottle from England to talk about the suspension of over 50 members of Parliament over charges of anti-Semitism charges.  Plus Jason Gewirtz discusses his new book, Israel’s Edge, about the most elite branch of the IDF.





  1. Moshe Harry says:

    @Reuven Koret – despise Clinton. That said, CNN poll from last night has her ahead of Trump by 13 points. What poll were you referring to? All I’ve seen for months is her handily ahead of Trump.

  2. Moshe Harry says:

    Actually just found summary of recent polls going head to head – she wins all but one. Here’s the link:

  3. George says:

    you guys are so right Andrew you’re right and Reuven you are right

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