The Two State Solution is Dead


So why is it only Hillary Clinton that believes it isn’t? Jeremy Man Saltan joins Mottle to discuss the recent turn around with much of the political world.the-two-state-solution




  1. Mike Silver says:

    I agree with Mottle that Bibi pays lip service to the 2 State Solution. He’s a politician of exquisite skills. 4 terms no less – in Israel! He plays a game or games your guest can’t see. The 2 Stater may be dead de facto, but it still plays in Europe and America. Merkle was a good start, but the lefties in American and the EU still carry the hope. It’s a religion with them. So he throws bones to the Kerrys and Clintons, ie., he gives them talking points with their followers to prove they still believe in the cause. Including American Jews. He’s thinking of armaments, $, and doesn’t want to jepeordize contributions to the IDF, for example, by the Barbara Streisands. Maybe he worries that coming out against the Solution might encourage people to jump on the BDS bandwagon. I don’t know, but for sure, neither does your guest.

    I do know this: a commitment with conditions is no commitment at all. He’s letting Herzog, Merkle and others do the heavy lifting for him.

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