Terrorism and Heroism


A twelve hour terror spree in Israel leaves on dead, and fifteen injured. It also reveals the depth of heroism in Israeli society. An Israeli man beats a terrorist with his guitar, an Ultra-Orthodox man pulls the terrorist’s knife out of his own neck and stabs the terrorist to death, an Israeli Arab medic saves a Jewish cop and a Emily Cole Young, a young immigrant runs toward the danger to save the life of a fellow Jew. Also Abe Katsman, the Republican Party council for overseas voters talks Trump with Mottle.




  1. Pauline Clark says:

    What heroic, spur-of-the-moment acts! G-d-directed acts, I’m certain! Blessed He who says “I am your G-d,” and “.I change not!” He WILL complete His plan and bring about that glorious day when “They shall dwell safely and none shall make them afraid.” We love you!

  2. Jake Solomon says:

    Regarding Donald Trump for President I do have my concerns when it comes to the Jewish State of Israel. The message I would like to get to Trump is my desire to see him exercise and implement his expertice using all his negotiating techniques and talents from his book, “The Art of The Deal”. I want Trump to take his real estate expertice and finalize the ultimate holiest land deal ever performed in modern time, by putting Israel’s “Sovereign Land Title Rights” to all of Mandated Palestine, based on the San Remo Resolution of April 20, 1920, in front of the Palestinians and say “NO” this land belongs to the Jewish People! ! !
    Donald J. Trump for (L)egal (E)nforcement (G)uaranteing (I)srae’s (T)itle, (L.E.G.I.T.)

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