STOP Saying Settlements are Illegal Under International Law


We hear the same lie over and over again.  Israeli West Bank Settlements are illegal under international law.  International Law Scholar Eugene Kontorovich destroys the idea that Israel is violating International law by allowing Jews to live in Judea.





  1. Israel needs to stand strong in the face of “global community” pressure. The same global community will do nothing to defend Israel against annihilation by her enemies – and the land is hers by divine covenant.

    Standing with you…

  2. excellent show Mottle

  3. Jake Solomon says:

    Israel is not a melting pot, and cannot be a U.S. Jeffersonian type Democracy. Instead, Israel must set up a governmental democracy similar to Japan or Switzerland that preserves its “National Integrity” via strict laws that secures its borders, language and culture in perpetuity from anyone within the Nation or outside the Nation, who by any means desires to dilute its unique distinct “Jewish National Values”.

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