Staying True to our Moral Compass


Yishai Fleisher and Mottle go at it over the video that allegedly shows an Israeli soldier shooting a terrorist after he has been neutralized. Also an Election 2016 update.





  1. Yishai ate you for lunch, Sissy Boy.

  2. David Schutt says:

    An IDF solder shoots a terrorist to make sure he is dead and cannot hurt anyone… Hmmm…. Sounds like a familiar story. Oh yeah! Now I remember! 1988. An IDF solder named Moshe Ya’alon shot an already shot and “neutralized” terrorist named Abu Jihad. WAIT A MINUTE! THE MOSHE YA’ALON??? The same Moshe Ya’alon who immediately tried, convicted, and wants to imprison an IDF solder who shot a terrorist who might already have been dead last week? The same Moshe Ya’alon who says any solder who would do such a thing is not a “hero” in his eyes? Well. Doesn’t that just beat all? In my opinion, shooting a neutralized and possibly already dead terrorist to make sure he is dead is a righteous act. But doing it and then condemning someone else who does the same thing is very hypocritical and low.

  3. Afraid to let critical comments appear? Yishai was so right, Sissy Boy.

  4. Shirat Rachel Best says:

    Well said Yishai !!! I Totally share your opinion ….

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