Shooting to Not Kill in a Non-Intifada


Josh Hasten relives his harrowing story of being attacked on the road near Tekoa by an angy Arab mob.  He tells Mottle about being forced to fire his weapon.  Then Seth Frantzman from the Jerusalem Post shares his experiences over the past week, getting the feel on the Arab Street, in and around refugee camps and Ramallah.





  1. I cannot even bear to hear about these attacks.

    When is Israel going to start protecting its citizens against these genocidal Muslims? WHEN? This is a disgrace! No one should have to live that way in their own country!

  2. Mottle, you don’t call someone a “bad ass” who fought off murderers and lived to tell about his miracle from Gd! You instead praise Gd for another day on earth! Show compassion, humility and gratefulness, to magnify the Name of our Gd. Even murdering Moslems know this truth. Why are we Jews not as faithful? Please try to be an example or our Gd will take away your microphone, again. I did not decide to write this, but once I started writing, it just was what I wrote. We all love you and want a voice, so please, let’s all think before we speak.and magnify our Gd.

  3. Mottle you are the best!!! I agree with you that you need to carry a gun for your safety!!! Good luck and thank you for keeping me informed on what is happening in Israel. Fondly, Shellie berkowitz

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