See Something Say Something (Unless you are a Jew)


When a whole cabin of airplane passengers refuses to take off because of two male Muslim passengers, the answer is ‘blame the Jews”.  Is this a case of anti-racial profiling? Also writer Ruthie Blum joins Mottle to discuss defending Israel from to, and sometimes from Diaspora Jews.  seesay




  1. Jeanie Fleming says:

    Good for Israel. I’m proud of you guys for not allowing the Political Correctness of the USA to keep you from doing the smart thing in regards to safety on airplanes. Kudos plus. I am sick to death of PC life here in the USA.

  2. Thanks for this important report in keeping with double standards, not just for Jews but for reporting of news involving Jews. The reporters failed to say that security issues prevent them from reporting on the reasons why the passengers had security fears solid enough to prevent the crew from agreeing to their leaving the plane en-mass and suing the airline for return of their fares. All critics say is that the worries were unsubstantiated.

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