Second Session of Inward Bound Summer Seminar – SOLD OUT


Next week we will be beginning the second of our summer seminars at Isralight.  I am happy to announce it is TOTALLY SOLD OUT.  What is incredible is that so much of the marketing this year has been word of mouth.  People have been hearing about the Inward Bound programs, and the message is solid.  This program rocks!  it hits a bulls eye on so many places.  The educational program is stellar, there is music, the food is awesome and we travel the land of Israel and learn Torah in a way that is absolutely unique.

If you missed it this year, do not make the same mistake next year.  REGISTER EARLY!  or better yet, if you are in America, you can get a taste of Inward Bound this Labor Day Weekend at our retreat in the Pocono Mountains.

Hope to see you soon on an Inward Bound program.



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