Sam Harris Nails it in his Essay on Israel and Moral Equivalence


Sam Harris clarifies why there is no ‘moral equivalence’ when it comes to Israel and her enemies in his essay entitled, ‘Why don’t I Criticize Israel?‘.  Mottle believes that this essay encapsulates the main points of why Israel has the moral high ground in the conflict with her neighbors.  Coverage of ongoing news from Israel as well.





  1. Good afternoon, Mottle: Thank you for sharing the article by Rabbi Harris. My question to him and you is, Why is it that the Muslim terrorists/radicals, who send their children, women and young men out to die,with bombs taped to them, in order to kill innocent Jewish and Christian people; bemoan the death of their human shields when Israel defends herself after the Muslims bomb Israel or kill citizens randomly? What difference does it make? They send them to die with the promise that they will live in splendor after death. They train them to hate Jewish people, and Christian people, Israel and USA. They burn the flags of, chant and sing of the demise of, Israel, all Jewish people, all Christian people and the USA ad nauseam.

    Tell me Mottle, why don’t the Muslim leaders lead the charge? Are the leaders so afraid of death, because they all know where they are going in reality? Or, did their “Allah” write in the Koran that the leaders are to hide in the shadows, like the cowards they are, spew vitriol about those who are not Muslim and order their Minions to murder anyone who isn’t Muslim?

    As a Christian supporter of Israel I find it strangely comforting that I am in the same boat as my kin the Covenant Children of G-d our shared Father. Although you are living in the land He gave to all Jewish people, who are first on Radical Islam’s list and I am living in the USA; both of us live with the knowledge that Allah wants his people to rid the world of us so that they/he may take what they “feel” is rightfully theirs. Meaning every thing on the face of the earth.

    Having studied and by continuing to study our Father’s Book that I have access to, [i don’t have access to Torah or the Scrolls] I wonder if this all began with Ishmael, his younger half sibling Isaac and G-d’s plans for them OR, did it begin in the Father’s Garden? I know that G-d planned all of this and knew the direction it could take if we were left to our own devices and choices.

    So, here we are. Just us against what will soon be the rest of the world. It is so much easier to place blame and make up lies and excuses like Radical Muslims do. I know the Jews don’t do that. I just hope and pray that the Christians, myself also, can observe and learn from the choices that the Jews, yourself also, are making to only defend and protect their gift of the Land of Judea, etc. which Abba gave to you as His Covenant Children.

    Satan/Allah is having a field day at our shared expense. Due to our shared God, who is battling with Satan/Allah, it is my prayer, that we are able TOGETHER to stand as one and save Israel and the USA both, if that is G-d’s will. I know it is His will that we save Israel, but if we of the USA don’t begin paying attention to our actions of pushing Abba away we will be and truly are in real trouble. The only way the USA has a chance is if we come back to recognizing that our only help is by coming to YHVH humbly and begging forgiveness and once again asking for and accepting His guidance and help.

    Mottle, your values and my values are the same. Your God and my God are the same. Your goals and my goals are the same. Your Books from YHVH and my Bible tell the same history of your homeland Israel, which is my homeland in my heart, Israel. Judea is where your religious beliefs were born, grew and were/are taught to us by G-d’s Profits, the Rabbis and Yeshua, as were mine.

    Any Jew or Christian who does not feel the overwhelming love of Adoni Elohim in their very being is not a believer in Him. My heart is so filled with His love that it overwhelms me to the point of joyous tears. That love gives such joy that I understand your heartfelt joy in song, dancing and courage to face the terror showered upon you in Israel and all Jews across the world.

    May He shower you and yours with so many blessings that you are in constant awe. May He keep placing hedges of protection about you, your loved ones, all of Israel and all Jews everywhere. HALEVAI. SELAH. AMEN.
    Thank you, jeanie fleming

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