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Yiscah Smith teaches Torah in Jerusalem. weighs in on the controversy over transgender bathroom issues in the US. She has a unique perspective not simply because of her extensive background in Chassidut, but also because, she used to be a man. Also is Ted Cruz on the ropes? This an a Pesach from the Hills of Judea recap.




  1. There is a right and a wrong, be satisfied for being created as a man or woman, PS. G-d doesn’t make mistakes, and that in essence is what you are saying that He did make a mistake.. You’re no different then the LGBG pushing their agenda, telling the world it’s allowed. If one knows the Torah, you know the difference between what does G-d say, and what does transgenders say.

    • Sharon, there actually are cases in the Talmud of people being born with non standard gender identities. One of the greatest medical halachic scholar of the 20th century addressed it, the Kabbalists speak of the concept of a female soul being born into a male body. Tikkun, or fixing is a basic chassidic concept. If you don’t want to say that God made a mistake, another possibility is… There are no mistakes.

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