Palestinian Authority Names Street after Terrorist (Again)


Mottle is joined by‘s Yarden Frankl.  The two discuss the newest street in the Palestinian Authority named for the terrorist who murdered two Jews in Jerusalem’s Old City early this month.  Also, NEWSFLASH! The New York Times (almost) gets it right about incitement.





  1. Shmuel Modval says:

    R. Mottle, the root cause is a systemic problem within the human condition. Each of us is born with an Evil Impulse (or Freudian “Id”), but few are those who empower their Good Impulse (or Freudian “Super-Ego”) to tame their Evil Inclination. Some people never even develop a Good Impulse and they just live their life heeding the selfish desires of their Evil Impulse. Of course, the Yetzer Ha-Ra (Evil Inclination) isn’t “evil” in and of itself, because as the sages state without it we wouldn’t engage in business, build a home, marry, or have kids (Genesis Rabbah 9:7).

    So, our Evil Impulse, which is simply our Survival Instinct and Sex Drive, doesn’t become “evil” until we allow our selfish desires to run amok. What’s the solution? There really isn’t one. The only “cure” is to develop one’s Good Impulse (or Freudian “Super-Ego”) and that simply means we must choose to behave selflessly, rather than selfishly. It’s all about a personal choice.

    There are no military solutions. There are no political solutions. There are no religious solutions. There never have been. There never will be. There are only personal choices. Today, I choose not to murder. Today, I choose not to hate. Today, I choose not to steal. Today, I choose life over death; I choose love over anger; I choose charity over greed. That is our true struggle – the struggle within – the struggle to tame our Evil Inclination.

    You can’t force people at gunpoint to love their fellow creatures. You can’t legislate people into loving their fellow creatures. You can’t preach people into loving their fellow creatures.

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