My new Job


I got a REAL JOB.

So I have mentioned it here and there, sent out an email, but I keep getting the same question.  “What are you actually doing?”

“I am the Director of Communications for Mizrachi Olami, The Religious Zionist Movement.”

“OK….  but what are you actually doing?”

It is funny.  After two and a half weeks on”the job”, it is just coming into focus.  I mean the projects I will be working on and actual day to day work.  What I do at my desk.  That is usually what people mean when they ask “what do you do there?”

So let’s step back a little.  I had this moment when Jeremy and I went in to sign our contracts with Mizrachi Olami.  I turned to him and said, “you know this is my first official full time job in fourteen years!”, and he looked at me and said, “it is my first official job ever!”

I think that is why we are there.  Don’t get me wrong, the details are exciting, the projects we are launching are going to be fun and revolutionary.  It is really my dream job.

However, success today is not in enlisting the people who no how to “do the job.”  I mean unless you are hiring a commercial airline pilot or someone to run the projector at the movie theater.

I think that the question more people should be asking is, “what are you trying to change in the world?” These are the cool jobs that do not exist yet.  They are the most important and they are just waiting for someone to do them.

There is a great YouTube video I highly recommend checking out from Simon Sinek.  Most people know what they do, but never take time on why they do it.

We are starting with the why.  “We want to make Israel Centered Judaism relevant to people in the Diaspora.”

How are we going to do that?

What will that look like?

That is what we are working on now.  Stay tuned.



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