Kitniyot Controversy


Has the time come to stop refraining from eating Kitniyot (legumes) on Passover? Traditionally, Jews of European decent do not eat legumes during the holiday. Rabbi David Bar-Hayim joins Mottle Wolfe in this ‘best of’ episode to explain the origins of this custom and why it may no longer be relevant.




  1. Zeev Berg, Tiberias says:

    I think I was told/learnt that the problem is:
    In the old days, or even today, kitniyot & wheat were grown in the same fields & could get mixed up.
    They could also get mixed up in the store or in the shipping/packaging process.
    Strict Jews of Sephardi persuasion, check their rice for wheat kernels.
    The topic is not so black & white.
    This topic needs a major investigation…Not just by 1 rabbi.
    Zeev Berg

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