Jews for Cruz?


Ted Cruz is clearly the most pro-Israel candidate in the US presidential race. Mottle compares and contrasts Cruz’s Israel stance with that of Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders. Also Terror strikes in the heart or Jerusalem. Are we witnessing an escalation in the so-called Knife Intifada? Times of Israel Military correspondent, Judah Ari Gross reports on the terror attack. cruz




  1. Rabbi Mottle, how is Ted Cruzs experience any different than the experience Moses had? We are all to seek God and His wisdom.

  2. I agree with Solomn….remember the Shema Cruz and a large part of the Christians that support him are our greatest friends…In addition .Cruz will support freedom and tolerance first foremost according to the Constitution of the USA not according to any one view.

  3. Doug Sorensen says:

    RE: Ted Cruz

    Dear Reb Mottle Wolfe:

    Thank you for your entertaining and insightful daily radio commentary. Today, you raised an interesting problem. Ought Jews to support or even vote for Ted Cruz? As your commentary revealed, Cruz is clearly the most pro-Israel candidate in the 2016 race. Yet he is a Republican and, worse, an Evangelical Christian. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, while Jewish, is hardly a defender of Israel. Worse, his inclination of character that drives him to want to “force” socialism on America is the same inclination that cries out to “force” Israel and her Palestinian antagonists to make a deal at any price. Cruz, on the other hand, asserts that this is a matter for the sovereign state of Israel alone to decide, and that the United States has no business taking a position. Cruz is unambiguous: After, and only after, the Palestinians agree to recognize Israel as a legitimate Jewish state ought Israel to consider negotiating.

    You then further explore the Cruz dilemma by playing audio clips from first, an incident when his pastor lays his hands on him and prayers, and then a second audio clip when his father, also a pastor, commissions his son for a calling to the White House. Here you, dear Rev Mottle, express great angst in being faced with supporting a candidate that, while pro-Israel, appears as you put it, to seek advice and council while on his knees from his God. This fact seemed to you a source of great conflict, as though Cruz was seeking guidance from spooky forces while placing his brain in neutral. Could this be a model of decision making for Cruz in the White House!?

    However, I fail to find a problem here. For one thing, Cruz, as evidenced during the debates, wasn’t on his knees even once waiting for guidance from Heaven before answering either the moderators or his rivals on the stage. Rather he was fast on his feet, deftly defending his positions. So it seems to me that should he find his way to the presidency, Cruz would be leading the usual daily discussions with his cabinet while on his feet or sitting on his butt, and rarely if ever on his knees.

    But, let’s be frank, prayer is an import source of inspiration and guidance for both religious Jews and Christians. After all, you and your colleagues surely worship at your synagogue every Shabbat, hearing the Torah and reading the prayer book. And surely – even if only occasionally – you would not be reluctant to get on you knees at home with you wife should a particularly difficult crisis come along, hoping for guidance and favor from Heaven. So, why not the president? Indeed, all the more reason when one’s decisions affect the entire nation and even the world!

    But, let’s get back to your original observation. Cruz is the most pro-Israel candidate in the running, whether Democrat or Republican. Now, the obvious question presents itself, where does this heartfelt and intellectually developed position come from? There is only one answer, for both Cruz and all the other pro-Israel Evangelical Christians. Of course, you know the answer. It is the belief in the authority of God’s Word and in particular the Biblical Covenants – the unconditional covenants – made by Hashem to Abraham and renewed through Isaac and Jacob and further witnessed to by Moses, David and the prophets. The irrevocable covenants that set the Jewish people apart as a unique people in history. A people with a specific land which Hashem guarantees is theirs to dwell in – a land to which they alone have title.

    Therefore, consider that if Cruz were not devoutly faithful to the same God that made these promises to the Patriarchs – although through the path of Christianity rather than Judaism – he would not accept the authority of God’s Word. He would then be left with some sort of ideology rooted in a soup of humanism, history, international law and a vague sort of sympathy for a people terribly oppressed over the course of history and during the Nazi era.

    In conclusion, I would suggest that that is the sort of ambiguous soup of reasons that yield such a range of attitudes toward Israel today among Americans and American political candidates, most of which are as reliable as the weather.


    Doug Sorensen
    Yorba Linda, CA

  4. Ted Cruz wasn’t born in the U.S. A. He was born in Canada so he does not qualify to be resident.

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