Is Trump Right?


Of course he is right, doesn’t mean he should be president. Consistently wrong though isn’t any better. The US needs to make vetting Muslim’s entering the US a higher priority, it needs to worry less about politically correct sentiments and more about security. If they don’t they will end up with more terror, and potentially worse… A president Trump.clock




  1. Jeanie Fleming says:

    So, you are following the same paths that Liberal Media USA are following. As a Conservative i am disappointed. But, I will still be listening to you as it is important that everyone understand how the other group thinks and envisions the world. How can a
    person live in it if they don’t know what is going on? I pray for the USA, because as a formerly Christian country we are in big trouble. God is fed up with the way things are now going here and has pretty much left us to our own devices. As a Christian it is important to know exactly when it won’t be safe for me to go about my business as usual, because that day is rapidly coming. Already i am in a minority in this country and it is apparent to me that Liberals don’t like Conservative Christians at all. So soon i will be hiding from not only Muslim Radicals, but also Liberal American Radicals.
    The time has come when the enemy is hard to identify.
    Keep doing what you are doing. If it comes down to Hillary or Donald, please pick Donald.
    If it comes down to Hillary and another Republican, please vote Republican. Our shared country cannot stand another minute of a Democrat government. You think it is bad now, just wait until everything shuts down and we are killing our neighbors right here in the USA.
    Pray and stay safe. jeanie fleming at

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