Ezra Schwartz was an 18 year old kid from Sharon Massachusetts who was here in Israel for a year. By all accounts he was a remarkable young man with a promising future. He was one of latest victims in the on-going Palestinian Terror war. When is Israel finally going to say enough? enough




  1. the question is not that we say “enough”, the question is if we have the political will to do something about it. We have had ample opportunities to do something, and very little of real substance has happened. There are all kinds of good ideas out there, but will it take a Paris tragedy, chas v’shalom, to act? Are we so afraid of world opinion that a few Jews murdered here or there, well, that’s just the price we pay for living with Islamic Extremist all around us? It is up to you guys who live in Israel to change the facts on the ground.

  2. Ruben Zagagi says:

    Why is Israel tolerating this?? What a weak weak government

  3. Suzy Laredo says:

    May G-D bless his soul and peace to his family

  4. Gavin Dembo says:

    Such a tragic And unnecessary loss. May his memory be blessed to eternity Baruch Hashem.

  5. Dale Baranowski says:

    Jews are indigenous to Judea, Arabs are indigenous to Arabia. It’s that simple. “Palestinians” as Arabs were invented back in the 1960s but those who made no secret of their desire to slaughter Jews..

    Arabs are indigenous Bedouin nomads who, by definition, have traditionally rejected all claims to land and reject all of societal rules in order to live a life unrestrained by conventional laws and boundaries. Nomadic Arabs have only recently, in the last 100 years or so, decided to settle down in towns and cities, but they’ve decided to claim the Land of Israel as put forth the narrative as having lived here from time immemorial. Bullcrap. The Levant was once populated not by Arabs but by Greco-Romans, and Beirut was once called the Paris of the Middle East due to the influence of ethnic Europeans – until the Muslims moved in, grew in numbers and power in the 1970s and bin a civil war subjugated the non-Muslim natives.

    Apart from a few odd towns in Arabia, if they were living anywhere in the ME in permanent settlements then why were the Europeans even able to carve up the ME and define the boundaries of nation-states, as what happened in the San Remo Conference of 1920? If the Arabs had not been nomads for the most part, and had established a sedentary lifestyle by the 1800s the fall of the Ottoman Empire after WWI would have given them the ability and opportunity to establish national identities on their own without the Europeans having gone in and defined the borders of the countries of the ME. But no, Arabs were mostly tribal and fighting among themselves for the most part, they had lots of fun raiding their neighboring nomadic clans and non-Muslims for booty and preferred the relative lawlessness of the Bedouin lifestyle. Freedom of borders and societal restraints must be wonderful for those who get a thrill out of conquering. pillaging, raping and subjugating, but they shouldn’t come back to us westerners and claim that we “imposed” our “colonial ambitions” on them when they didn’t have anything approaching an organized society that had the strength, and the will, to carve up the ME by themselves and draw their own borders. Now they whine to the Nations when aboriginal Jews return to the Homeland and seek shelter from Jew-hate. Now they claim that THEY have owned the Land from time immemorial to westerners – or instead of whining they scream out “Allah Akbar!” and proceed to slaughter Jews.

    BTW, look up the San Remo Conference of 1920, and note that this important event has largely been ignored by the Arab-supporters in their claims to provide an accurate history of the ME.

  6. Sarah D. Moran says:

    Its time to do a reversal of Moshe Dayan’s empty, fruitless and now deadly appeasement! Take the keys and fire the Waqff!
    And know what? The Arabs will respect this strength and the world too. And if not who cares?! Our continuing weak posture is not only shameful but this is the only way itll stop!! The Temple mount will finally be a place of prayer for ALL PEOPLE!

  7. R’ Dov’s words had me sobbing my eyes out.

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