BANNED! From Facebook

Yesterday I was banned from Facebook for this comment…

Happy Nakba Day!

What Nakba Day really is.


Is this Barak Obama’s Final Assault on the Jewish State?

This coming Friday foreign ministers from several Western Countries an a few Arab ones are getting together in France to discuss whether or not it is possible to force further concessions on The State of Israel.

American University Students are Dumbasses

Israel is taking a beating on college Campuses across America. It is not because of apartheid, or occupation, but rather many University students are just plain stupid. Hen Mazzig, Israel Education Director of Stand With Us, joins Mottle to discuss the anti-Israel hate filled cesspit that is becoming campus life in America

Liberman, Israel, and the Subtle Racism of Low Expectations

Claiming that Avigdor Lieberman is a right wing extremest while calling Abbas a ‘moderate’, is an example of the Subtle racism of low expectations often put forward by the Left.

Pakistan’s Progressive Wife Beating Reform

The Mottle Wolfe Show – Pakistan has scrapped the Punjab Woman’s Protection from Abuse law as ‘Un-Islamic’, but not to worry, The head of the Islamic Council has suggested a new law. Also Israel demonstrates its tolerance for minorities yet again by crowning an Arab Christian as Miss Trans Israel.

Jewish Home Party Knesset Coalition Bitch Slap

Knesset Insider and Jewish Home Party Anglo Forum Chairman Jeremy Man Saltan talks about Naftali Bennett’s big Knesset Coalition win.

The Mottle Wolfe Show- Listener call-in, Yoel

Yoel Israel from Pardes Channa joins Mottle to talk Israeli Coalition Politics.


Gay Anti-Zionists Will Be the First to Die When ISIS Takes Over

Muti Moseson is a social activist, Zionist, gay, and new immigrant to Israel. He tries to help Mottle shed some light on why the LGBTQ community favors countries that would throw them off of rooftops of buildings over Israel, the only place in the Middle East where they are welcome.

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein on The Mottle Wolfe Show.

Living in Sweden as a Jewish woman surrounded by Muslims with a Jew-hating Foreign Minister in the rape capital of the world. ‘Hey Annika, how’s the weather in Sweden? Cold with a 99% chance of Anti-Semitism.”