Who Ya Gonna Vote For?

VOI’s Mottle Wolfe is joined in-studio by Jeff Daube, Israel director of the Zionist Organization of America, to discuss issues surrounding Tuesday’s Knesset elections.

Then, Mottle takes listeners’ calls and asks whom they are voting for and why. The answers represent the whole spectrum of the electoral population.


Tis’ The Season to be Jihadi

George Rishmawi, a Christian Palestinian Activist from Beit Sahour, says he faces no persecution from Muslims, but it is actually the State of Israel that is the biggest enemy of tolerance. Mottle disagrees. One thing is clear, 2014 has been one of the worst years for Christian persecution in memory. Christians in every Middle Eastern country EXCEPT Israel are being subjected to unprecedented levels of persecution.


Sarah Tuttle Singer; ‘Taking it Personal’

Sarah Tuttle Singer shares so many details of her personal life on her blog, that you might think that there is nothing else to cover  You would be wrong.  Sarah sits down for an in-depth conversation with Mottle Wolfe, about what led her to Israel, her life here, how to be compelling at being compelling, and yes, whether or not ‘that’ blog post was true.


Shlomo Katz on the 20th Yartzeight of Shlomo Carlebach

Shlomo Katz shares the lasting message of our sweetest Rebbe on the 20th Yartzeight of Shlomo Carlebach.


Jonathan Rosenblum – Fighting the Good Flight

Jonathan Rosenblum is the most influential English language columnist in the Haredi world. He weighs in on the El Al controversy. When is religion in Israel allowed to spill over into the public sphere.


017 Elul, Non-Jewish Rebbes and Stuff Jews Should Know! Hour 1

Hour 1
What do Tim Ferris, Zig Zigler and Dave Ramsey have to do with Elul and Repentance?  Being “holy” starts with being “whole”.  Mottle Wolfe shares how some of the most popular productivity, health, and finance gurus help him get the most out of life in the coming year.
Also Mottle is joined by Voice of Israel News Director Mordechai Twersky discuss the political flack BB is taking over Operation Protective Edge as well as U.S. President Obama’s lack of strategy to deal with ISIS.


012 – No Singing in Auschwitz. Apparently.

How do Jews deal with the horrific darkness that was Auschwitz Death Camp?  Well one way is song.  Rabbi Rafi Ostroff was leading a Jewish youth group mission to Poland, when they started to sing, they were asked by the administration to stop.  What ensued was mayhem.  Mottle is joined in the studio by Rabbi Rafi Ostroff and by Voice of Israel Show Host Molly Livingstone.



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