Israel Betrayed

Alan Skorski’s new book is called, ‘Israel Betrayed: How the Democrats, J Street, and the Jewish Left have Undermined Israel and why a President Hillary Clinton would be Disastrous for Israel’. Alan Joins Mottle to discuss the upcoming DNC convention as well as his new book.israelbetrayed

Boos Cruz

Ted Cruz is booed off the stage at the RNC. Also Josh Hasten talks about the Pence nomination and Eitan Charnoff of iVote Israel on absentee voting.

RNC day 1: Make America White Again

First day of the convention was underwhelming to say the least. Turns out the Duck Dynasty guy may be smarter than Trump, and Melania does a lousy Michelle Obama imitation. Marc Zell, the Vice President of the Overseas Republicans joins Mottle from the convention floor. Also a Rabbi Eitan Levy speaks about attending the funeral for fallen soldier Shlomo Rindenow.

Talking Turkey, Trump, and Black Lives Matter

The Mottle Wolfe Show is back from summer hiatus! Dan Diker joins Mottle to discuss the real winner of Turkey’s coup, and why this might be the biggest story of the summer. Also gearing up for the Republican convention with Trump supporters and how Black Lives Matter justifies killing cops.ttt

Brexit – Good for the Jews?

Brian of London from the blog Israellycool joins Mottle to discuss today’s Brexit referendum. Also denial ain’t just a river in the Islamic Republic of Egypt. People are still trying to blame anything other than Islamic terror for the Orlando attack. Plus, Israel offends the EU by suggesting that they are ‘colonialists’.

Bibi is not Afraid to Say It

Bibi Netanyahu again makes a moral clarification that Obama totally misses. Also Mottle speaks with Dr Sherkoh Abbas, the President of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria.

Are White Christian Males the Greatest Threat to Civilization?

Is there a radical terrorist agenda among white Christian Males in the United States of America? Some might have you believe so, especially if it take the focus off of Radical Islam. We take an indepth look at the statistics involved in terrorism and gun deaths. Also does the Orlando terror attack help Donald Trump?xtianmales

Not Because of Guns, Not Because of Homophobia

As the news sinks in about 50 people slaughtered in a bar in Orlando, many people want to blame anything other than the real culprit, Islam’s war on the West.


Tel Aviv Terror

Terror attack in Tel Aviv. As the world mourns four dead and 16 wounded Palestinians celebrate. Corey Gil Shuster gives some insight into the Palestinian glorification of Terror.

Donald gets his Butt Kicked by a Girl

Hillary may have found the secret sauce for beating Donald Trump.  Using his own words against him. Also Israel’s Left wing and the Palestinians unite to whine over Jerusalem Day. Plus an update on England’s ISIS girl.