Did the Exodus from Egypt Really Happen?

Professor Yigal Levin of Bar Illan University is one of Israel’s top experts in Jewish History and archeology of the Land of Israel. Mottle and Professor Levin discuss the evidence behind this monumental event, as well as its effect on Jewish self identity.


Is Steve Bannon a Racist?

People are literally hysterical about the prospect of Donald Trump nominating someone that, let’s face is, shares his values. The question is, is racism one of those values.

Does the World Feel Different after Trump?

Yishai Fleisher joins Mottle in more post election bewilderment? Will Trump move the US embassy to Jerusalem?  Should he?


I Was Wrong.

Trump won, I was wrong. Here is why I think he won.

61197084 - i was wrong! written on the road

61197084 – i was wrong! written on the road

The Case For Trump

Mottle and Brian John Thomas discuss the loss of Shimon Peres. Brian John Thomas then goes on to layout the reasons why he supports Donald Trump for president.


9/11 and The Myth of the Moderate Muslims

What percentage of the Muslim world supports the 9/11 attacks? Prepare to be horrified.

Judaism and Climate Change

Vegan activist, Dr. Richard Schwartz discusses his new book, ‘Who Stole My Religion?: Revitalizing Judaism and Applying Jewish Values to Help Heal Our Imperiled Planet’.


The Speech that would Convince me to Vote Hillary

Sam Harris has published an excellent blog post where he writes the speech that Hillary Clinton SHOULD give in regard to Islamic terrorism and the Middle East Refugee crisis.speech

The Next Step

What is next for the Mottle Wolfe Show? Mottle gives details about the future of the show, also discusses the ‘subtle racism of low expectations’ in comparison to the ‘actual racism’ of the Pro-Palestinian movement and the Black Lives Matter Movement. nextstep

Israel Betrayed

Alan Skorski’s new book is called, ‘Israel Betrayed: How the Democrats, J Street, and the Jewish Left have Undermined Israel and why a President Hillary Clinton would be Disastrous for Israel’. Alan Joins Mottle to discuss the upcoming DNC convention as well as his new book.israelbetrayed