Ayman Mohyeldin Gets Nailed For Being An Apologist for Terror


Catch up on what happened over the weekend in Israel. Also Mottle and Yarden Frankl of Honestreporting.com talk about the shameful case of Ayman Moheldin and his attempt to whitewash terror on MSNBC.




  1. Ayman Mohyeldin is nothing but pure evil. Also, every Malaysian airplane should be shot down. There ambassador to the the UN is nothing but a liar.

  2. Zeit Geist says:

    This is the usual modus operandi for these so called journalists,when it comes to Israel no lie is outrageous enough. What is going on in the world? Why are so many people excusing vicious terrorists? This can’t be allowed to go on.Obama has set the tone for this anti Israel,pro Muslim terrorist agenda. Haven’t people learnt anything from history.? History is repeating itself;we’ve been here before and the outcome was pure evil.
    I wrote complaining to the Daily Mail on Saturday because they covered the story of the terrorist who stabbed an Israeli soldier and was shot dead, by calling the terrorist a “protester”!! How disgraceful.! It seems to me that the West is getting ready to abandon Israel. You know,I don’t know what else to say.The attitude around the world defies logic,sanity and humanity. Take care in Israel.Defend yourselves ;to hell with the pusillanimous West.

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