Mottle Wolfe is on a journey of self discovery, and has been for a while now.  That journey has led him from suburban New Jersey into the backcountry of the Appalachian mountains, to tour with the Grateful Dead, to spend years studying Eastern Religions in Asia,  Kabbalah in the Old City of Jerusalem, and finally to the Hills of Judea in the heartland of Israel.  Reb Mottle is an ordained Orthodox rabbi, radio talk show host, musician, storyteller, and an avid history buff.   He has run Jewish spiritual retreats across the globe from Jerusalem to the rain forests of Costa Rica, and has done stand-up comedy in New York City.

Reb Mottle’s goal is to embrace tradition, history, and spirituality in a way that is constantly evolving, fresh, and most importantly, relevant.  He is the host of the hit radio show, The Mottle Wolfe Show, where he speaks about religion, politics and culture.  The Mottle Wolfe Show has been called ‘provocative’, ‘hilarious’, and ‘irreverent’.  Reb Mottle and his wife Batya also host the #1 Judaism podcast on iTunes entitled ‘Stuff Jews Should Know’, a fun and playful exploration of the ‘why’ behind Jewish customs, and traditions.

Reb Mottle lives in the Ancient Jewish village of Tekoa with his wife and three kids.